Notes from Park Avenue Beach Task Force Meeting 1/29/2020

Notes from Park Avenue Beach Task Force Meeting 1/29/2020


Park District: Cal Bernstein, Barney Ruttenberg, Brian Romes, Mitch Carr, Jeff Smith, Roxanne Hejnowski

City of HP: Adam Stolberg, Tony Blumberg, Ghida Neukirch

North Shore Yacht Club: Laura Knapp, Chadd Berkun, David Sogin,

Public: David Multack, Tom Corning, Jean Sogin

Smith Group: Margaret B (via GoTO Meetings)

Margaret reviewed the options she discussed at the 1/14 meeting. Her conclusions are:

  • Any re-use of the existing barge is not a good choice. It is too far gone to be repaired or to be incorporated in some new design. (This eliminates the Trapp bag alternatives)

  • Removing the barge will probably cost about $65,00 + extras. This cost is built into all the alternatives presented.

  • The do-nothing alternative – The barge’s east wall has already failed, but the west wall is intact and it protects the boat launch and the beach. Eventually the west wall will also fail. Exactly when is hard to say – it depends on lake levels, it could be 4years, perhaps less. When the west wall fails the boat launch disappears and the sheet pile will also probably fail. Removing the barge means the crescent shape of the beach will disappear. The risk of the do nothing choice is that it puts us in a reactionary position since it could fail quickly.

  • Lake levels are a central issue. We are at historic highs. Is this the new normal or will it cycle as it has in the past and start to go down next year?

The group thought that of the 10 alternatives presented, the two that show the most promise are #3, Cellular Sheet Pile and #7 Rubble Breakwater with precast walkway. These two concept drawings are shown below. Both of these are long term solutions. Either could be sited a little further to the east to create a wider boat ramp (we are not bound by the footprint of the existing barge). #3 has the added advantage of needing less maintenance and it would not be terribly expensive to make a wider walkway (but extending the length is expensive). #7 only has a narrow walkway and the cost of widening it would be expensive. #7 also requires stones to be repositioned if they have shifted from storms or ice.

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